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Dunzo, Backed by Google and Reliance Retail, Postpones Employee Salaries Amid Financial Troubles


Dunzo, a hyperlocal delivery startup, is facing financial difficulties and has announced that it will be postponing employee salaries for a month. The company, which is backed by Google and Reliance Retail, is currently seeking new funding to settle its dues. Dunzo informed its employees that it will not be able to pay the remaining salaries for the previous month until September.

Key Points:

The hyperlocal delivery startup Dunzo is postponing employee salaries for a month.
Dunzo is also planning to settle the remaining dues from the previous month in September.
The Bengaluru-based startup is backed by Google and Reliance Retail.
Dunzo is currently searching for new funding to address its financial difficulties.

Hot Take:

Dunzo’s decision to postpone employee salaries is a clear indication of the financial challenges the company is facing. As a hyperlocal delivery startup, Dunzo operates in a highly competitive market, and it seems that the company is struggling to secure the necessary funding to sustain its operations. This situation raises concerns about the long-term viability of the business and its ability to compete with other players in the market.


Dunzo’s decision to delay employee salaries and seek new funding highlights the financial pressures faced by startups in the hyperlocal delivery space. As the company continues its search for funding, it remains to be seen whether it can overcome these challenges and regain stability in the market. In the meantime, employees will have to wait until September to receive their salaries, adding further uncertainty to an already difficult situation.

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