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Former University of Montana Students Launch Big Sky Capital for Tech and Startups


Jahn Karsybaev and Adil Nurgozhin, former University of Montana students, have teamed up to launch Big Sky Capital after successfully starting five other ventures together. Big Sky Capital is their latest endeavor, and they are looking to make a mark in the technology and startup industry.

Key Points:

• Jahn Karsybaev and Adil Nurgozhin met while studying at the University of Montana and have a history of launching successful startups together.
• After their previous ventures, Karsybaev and Nurgozhin decided to form Big Sky Capital, a new company focused on technology and startups.
• Big Sky Capital aims to invest in and support promising startups in various industries, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed.
• The founders have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and plan to leverage their experience to help startups grow and thrive.
• Karsybaev and Nurgozhin have a track record of success, having launched five startups before forming Big Sky Capital.
• The founders believe that their combined skills and expertise will enable them to identify and nurture the next generation of successful startups.
• Big Sky Capital is actively seeking innovative startups to invest in and is open to partnerships and collaborations with other investors and organizations.

Hot Take:

Jahn Karsybaev and Adil Nurgozhin are a dynamic duo in the startup world. With their experience and track record of success, Big Sky Capital has the potential to become a major player in the technology and startup industry. Their dedication to supporting and nurturing promising startups is commendable, and it will be exciting to see the impact they make in the coming years.


Jahn Karsybaev and Adil Nurgozhin, co-founders of Big Sky Capital, have a proven history of launching successful startups. With their latest venture, they aim to invest in and support promising startups, leveraging their experience and expertise to help them grow and succeed. Big Sky Capital has the potential to make a significant impact in the technology and startup industry, and it will be interesting to see the innovative companies they choose to invest in.

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