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Only Three Fintech Startups See Valuation Increase in Booming Industry


According to recent reports, only three fintech startups have experienced an increase in their secondary valuations since January 2022. These three startups are Rippling, Gusto, and Deel. While the fintech industry has been booming, it seems that not all companies are seeing their valuations rise.

Key Points:

The following are the key points from the article:

– Rippling, a HR/payroll startup, has seen its secondary valuation increase since January 2022.
– Gusto, another HR/payroll startup, has also experienced a rise in its secondary valuation.
– Deel, a platform for remote work, is the third fintech startup that has seen an increase in its secondary valuation.
– These three startups stand out among the rest, as many other fintech companies have not seen their valuations rise.
– The fintech industry has been growing rapidly, with new startups emerging and attracting significant investments.
– However, not all fintech companies are experiencing the same level of success, as evidenced by the lack of valuation growth for many startups.

Hot Take:

While the fintech industry as a whole is thriving, it’s interesting to see that only a few select startups are experiencing an increase in their valuations. This indicates that investors are being more discerning and selective in their investments, favoring certain companies over others. It also highlights the importance of differentiation and innovation in a crowded market.


The fact that only three fintech startups have seen their valuations increase since January 2022 suggests that the industry is becoming more competitive and investors are becoming more cautious. This serves as a reminder to fintech startups to focus on creating unique value propositions and staying ahead of the curve to attract investor interest and secure higher valuations.

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