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Snowflake: Open-Source Project Surges in Users During Ukraine War


Snowflake, an open-source project created by Serene, has experienced a significant increase in users since the start of the Ukraine War. The platform was designed to provide open and free access to the internet and has gained popularity as a result.

Key Points:

  • Snowflake, an open-source project, has seen a surge in users during the Ukraine War.
  • The platform was created by Serene, who goes by her first name only for privacy reasons.
  • Snowflake was developed to ensure open and free access to the internet.
  • It started as a pluggable transport for the Tor network.
  • The project gained traction during the Ukraine War, as users sought ways to bypass internet censorship.
  • Snowflake has continued to grow in popularity since then.

Hot Take:

Snowflake’s rise in users during the Ukraine War highlights the importance of open and free access to the internet, especially in times of conflict and censorship. The platform’s growth demonstrates the demand for alternative ways to bypass restrictions and maintain online connectivity.


Snowflake’s success as an open-source project showcases the value of initiatives that prioritize internet freedom. As the platform continues to gain popularity, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for accessible and unrestricted online access.

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