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Zhipu AI Secures Funding from Meituan: A Boost for Chinese AI Industry


Zhipu AI, a prominent Chinese competitor to OpenAI, has secured funding from Meituan, a major food delivery company in China. A subsidiary of Zhipu AI has made Meituan a shareholder, giving the food delivery giant a 10% stake in the company.

Key Points:

• Zhipu AI, a Chinese AI company, has received funding from Meituan, a leading food delivery company in China.
• Meituan now holds a 10% stake in Zhipu AI after becoming a shareholder through one of Zhipu AI’s subsidiaries.
• Meituan has a market capitalization of approximately $100 billion.
• Zhipu AI is considered one of the most promising competitors to OpenAI in China.

Hot Take:

Zhipu AI’s partnership with Meituan, a major player in the food delivery industry, could provide significant opportunities for both companies. Meituan’s investment in Zhipu AI demonstrates the growing interest in AI technology and its potential applications in various sectors. This collaboration could lead to innovative solutions and advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.


Zhipu AI’s funding from Meituan, a prominent food delivery company in China, highlights the increasing importance of AI technology in various industries. This investment could fuel Zhipu AI’s growth and enable the development of cutting-edge AI solutions. It will be interesting to see how this partnership unfolds and what impact it has on the AI landscape in China.

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