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Re-watch the official ChatGPT4 and Midjourney 5 announcements

Don’t miss the exciting new announcements from OpenAI and Midjourney regarding ChatGPT4 and Midjourney5 (out now!)

If you happened to miss the exciting announcements from OpenAI this week, you’d be quite forgiven. The announcements happened quickly, and with little fanfare outside of Twitter.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to miss these. Lots to unpack and YouTube is probably your best friend when it comes to where to go next after watching these. Lots of great videos on ChatGPT4 and Midjourney 5 recapping the announcements in much more deatil.

ChatGPT4 Announcement

Midjourney 5 Announcement

Midjourney took to Twitter for their official release and announcement of v5.

Midjourney v5 Announcement – March 15, 2023

Here’s the link to the official post if you’d like to read through the full thread and see some really fascinating images already coming out of v5!

On a side note, if you subscribe to the Premium (paid) version of ChatGPT you should have instant access to ChatGPT4 today.

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