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InDrive: A Bid-Based Ride-Hailing App Launches in South Florida


InDrive, formerly known as inDriver, is launching a bid-based ride-hailing app in South Florida. The platform allows passengers to name their own fare for a ride, and nearby drivers can accept, decline, or counter the offer. This comes at a time when ride-hail customers are facing higher fares and drivers are experiencing reduced earnings.

Key Points:

  • InDrive, a bid-based ride-hailing app, is expanding its services to South Florida.
  • The platform allows passengers to set their own fare for a ride.
  • Drivers in the vicinity can accept, decline, or counter the offer made by the passenger.
  • This bid-based system aims to provide more flexibility and control to both passengers and drivers.
  • Ride-hail customers have been facing increased fares due to surge pricing and other factors.
  • Drivers have been experiencing reduced earnings due to commission fees and other expenses.
  • InDrive’s model aims to address these issues by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate fares directly.
  • The company plans to expand to other cities in the United States and globally.

Hot Take:

InDrive’s bid-based ride-hailing app brings a unique approach to the industry, allowing passengers to have more control over the fare they are willing to pay and giving drivers the option to negotiate. This model could potentially disrupt the traditional ride-hailing market and provide a more equitable experience for both passengers and drivers.


With the launch of InDrive in South Florida, the bid-based ride-hailing app is offering a new alternative for passengers and drivers. By allowing them to negotiate fares directly, InDrive aims to address the issues of high fares and reduced earnings. It will be interesting to see how this innovative approach to ride-hailing evolves and whether it gains traction in other cities and countries.

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